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Monday, May 16, 2011

DnF - Gunner Promotion (Incomplete, Halted indefinitely)

This was a video that I started when I first learned how to edit. I've been collecting fragments and clips over time I've been playing to make a video dedicated to one of my favorite characters in DnF but since I was banned, this project is gonna be on hold probably forever.

This is the incomplete work that I hope to finish one day. I want to swap out certain clips and add others in. The ones I wanted to add in however, required multiple players, and proper timing.

Alibaba and the multi-headshot is a avatar based clip I had devised based o the Arabian event set that came out a while ago. Because the gunner avatars were the 40 thieves, I decided to incorporate at least 4 gunners (2 male, 2 female) pulling off multi-headshot at the same time on one guy.

The disco rave clip was supposed to be the end of apocalypse and Scud genocide together resulting in the gunner spinning like a maniac while a "disco ball" fires lasers and provides a good effect in the background. I took this idea off of a animated gif from moeboard and wanted to definitely implement this somewhere. http://www.moeboard.co.kr/comm/bbs/board.php?bo_table=humor&wr_id=26308

Hopefully, I can get my account back someday and fix this up, but until then, here's the work I have so far.

From now on, this will probably be my last DnF video. I'll probably pick up the gamesite review blog zerreth.blogspot.com again.

Technically the video ends at 2:16 but I decided to leave some extra unused clips that didn't make the cut at the end.

Hexad by Electronic Boutique From DJ Max Portable Black Square

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hiatus for two weeks.

Sorry, but DnF weekly will be on hold until the week of March 13th. I've got midterms and I need to do well this semester so I'll be putting DnF as well as the updates on hold. The third week of march will be my spring break so until then, I'll be studying my ass off.

In the mean time, you can check the Korean section of DFO source. Someone will likely post updates or you can try and google translate them.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(2/24) Update

  • Dungeon Fixes:
    • Black Earth
      • Changed the look of the gate image
      • Fixed an issue where Berias of Ruin's burning damage wasn't applied.
      • Shortened the special skill cool time of Skewer, Pincers, and Sawtooth (the monsters you transform into at Ozma's room and the monsters you fight in the first room).
      • If Conqueror Cassius attacks Ozma, he will deal a lot of damage
      • If Conqueror Cassius uses his sword drop move Ozma will be stuck in stun.
      • When Ozma activates the Team kill effect, the summoner's summons will not be affected.
      • Fixed an issue when players free themselves from the transformation in a 4 person party and a bit of lag occurs
    • Dimension Space
      • Fixed an issue where monsters wouldn't spawn in the 4th room.
      • Fixed an issue where on the phase where the boxes have to be destroyed in Gaunis's room, destroying all the boxes would kill all players and Gaunis would not move onto the next phase.
      • Fixed an issue where the "cracked dimension shoulders" wouldn't drop on master's road. (3rd chron shoulder equipment).
    • Bakal's Tower
      • Fixed it so that in the Fire Dragon Ashcore's room, the "character escape" commands aren't automatically pressed. (don't know what this means...)
      • Fixed an issue where the "cracked dimension shoulders" wouldn't drop on master's road. (3rd chron shoulder equipment).
    • Ancient Dungeons
      • Changed the chance for invitations to drop
  • Skill Changes
    • Gunners
      • Damage for the Male/Female Pamelo Booster will be increased
      • Fixed an (oddly specific) bug in which an enemy frozen by Pamelo Booster is unfrozen by a fire based attack but then does not become frozen by any of the subsequent hits from the Pamelo Booster.
    • Male Fighter
      • Fixed an issue where nen spear would freeze the Giant Nugol
      • Fixed it so that Needle throw's hit recovery isn't stacked.
      • Frenzied Bloody Whip (this is the best way that I see that could translate given 狂爆血絲 for the 70 Street Fighter EX)
        • Changed the graphics on the ground
        • Changed an issue where the effects on hit enemies looked like normal hits
  • Chronicle Item Changes
    1. Chronicle 2
      • Added the Male Striker and Male Grappler skills in the Chronicle sets
      • Icy Afterimage of the Spy - 3 Pieces: Adjusted the damage of Slicer and Diving arrow.
      • Unstoppable Storm
        • 6 Pieces: Adjusted the shockwave damage of Lightning Arrow
        • 9 Pieces: Fixed the damage of sonic assault on parts that weren't affected.
      • Returning Master
        • 3 Pieces: Adjusted Dark Soul and Curse Spear damage.
        • 6 Pieces: Adjusted Soul Lure damage.
      • Abelnoose Cobweb - 3 Pieces: Adjusted summon zombie damage
      • Thoughts of Revenge
        • 3 Pieces: Fixed parts of Dark Nail that weren't affected
        • 6 Pieces: Adjusted Damage of Ballacre's Ambition
        • 9 Pieces: Adjusted Guillotine's damage
    2. 3rd Chronicles
      • Changed the Crusader Cracked Dimension series bonus (Improved Stamina/Spirit, Dropped Strength)
      • Street Underhanded Set - 3 Pieces: Fixed an issue where Controlled Explosion's CD wasn't affected
  • Event Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where if you dropped the Ghandi quest, you couldn't pick up any other quests in that area.
    • Daphne's Valentine Chocolates now stack up to 2000.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chronicle 3 - Necromancer Sets

Requested by Sherlok

From Left to Right

Excavator of Darkness:

3 Pieces:
-Dark Soul damage is increased by 30%

6 Pieces:
-Ballacre's Ambition cooltime is reduced by 30%, Damage increases by 30%

9 Pieces:
-Ballacre damage increased by 50%, Rampant Slaughter (z key when ballacre is summoned) damage is increased by 50%.

11 Pieces:
-Guillotine damage increases by 80%, requires one extra cube fragment

Spider Prince Set:

3 Pieces:
-Dark Inspiration Wave (Nicholas Grab) cooltime decreased by 20%
-Summon Zombie cooltime decreased by 20%

6 Pieces:
-Dark Ramification Wave (EX Nicholas Grab)cooltime decreased by 30%, Damage increased by 30%

9 Pieces:
-Nicholas's damage is increased by 100%, Requires 1 extra cube to summon

11 Pieces:
-Black Web duration increased by 10 seconds, radius is increased by 30%, Darkness attack buff increased by an additional 10, requires 1 more cube fragment.

Deceased Soul Set:

3 Pieces:
-Dark Soul cooltime decreased by 20%
-Curse Spear cooltime decreased by 20%

6 Pieces:
-Dark Nail cooltime decreased by 30%, damage increased by 30%
-Resentment of the Dead cooltime reduced by 20%

9 Pieces:
-Soul lure hit interval decreases by 50%, duration increased by 20%, requires one more cube fragment

11 Pieces:
-Obssession of the dead (Lvl 60 ex) duration increased by 100%, hold duration decreased by 50%

Chronicle 3 - Rogue Sets

Requested by Sherlok

From left to right

Shadow Warp Set

3 Pieces:
-Shining Cut cooltime reduced by 20%
-Rising Cut cooltime reduced by 20%

6 pieces:
-Hurricane gets an additional 10 hits, Attack is reduced by 20%

9 pieces:
-Aslant Spiral drop time is reduced by 50%, Attack is reduced by 30%, Cooltime is reduced by 70%, Mp consumption is reduced by 70% and requires one less cube frag

11 pieces:
-Sonic Assault gets an additional 10 hits and requires one extra cube frag

Constant Attack Set

3 pieces:
-Diving Arrow cooltime is dropped by 20%
-Double Pierce cooltiem is reduced by 20%

6 Pieces:
-Breaking Rush cooltime is reduced by 30%
-Chainsaw cooltime is reduced by 30%
-Bandit Cut cooltime is reduced by 30%

9 Pieces:
-Lightning arrow's slash combo is removed, cooltime is reduced by 50%, MP consumption is reduced by 50% and requires no cube fragments.

11 Pieces:
-Sonic Assault is reduced by 10 hits, cooltime is reduced by 70%, MP consumption is reduced by 70% and requires no cube fragments.

Disappear Flash Storm Set: (intervention - I'm renaming this to Vanishing Flash Storm or Disappearing Flash Storm.....)

3 Pieces:
-Shining Cut damage increases by 30%

6 Pieces:
-Bandit Cut damage increases by 30%
-Chainsaw damage increases by 30%
-Double Pierce damage increases by 30%

9 Pieces:
-Excel Strike radius increases by 20%, Damage increases by 50%, Hit End Damage increases by 50%

11 Pieces:
-Aslant Spiral drop time is reduced by 70%, Attack increased by 70% and requires 2 extra cube fragments.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chronicle 3 - Street Fighter Sets

Requested by Shuusuke

From Left to Right

Dirty Trick Set:
3 Piece:
Throw sand damage increases by 30%, blind level increases by 6

6 Piece:
Block Buster Stun level increased by 6, damage increases by 30%, cooldown decreases by 20%.
Ground Kick stun level increases by 6, Blind level increases by 6, 20% extra damage.

Provocation drops status status resistance by an additional 10.

9 piece:
Junk Spin's item tosses increase by 10, damage increases by 20%, cooltime increased by 50%, MP consumption increased by 50%, Requires an additional cube frag.

11 piece:
Heaven's net increases damage by an additional 20%, Hold time increases by 20%, Hold level increases by 6, Cooltime increases by 30%, MP consumption increases by 30%, requires an additional cube frag.

Street Underhanded Set:

3 Pieces:
Throw Sand cooltime drops by 30%

6 Pieces:
Heaven's Net increases damage by an additional 5%, Hold time decreases by 20%, Cooltime decreases by 25%.

9 Pieces:
Junk Spin items thrown drops by 15, cooltime drops by 65%, MP consumption drops by 65%, requires one less cube frag.

11 Pieces:
Crazy Vulcan hits increases by 10, damage decreases by 30%, requires an additional cube frag.

Intense Bomb Set:

3 Pieces:
Apply Poison duration drops by 50%, Damage increases by 100%

6 Pieces:
Explosive Hook blast radius increases by 100%, For each status effect applied damage is increased by 5%
Hidden Sting cooltime increases by 20%, damage increases by 40%

9 Pieces:
Venom Mine pillars drop by 3, Cooltime drops by 70%, MP consumption drops by 70%, requires one less cube frag.

11 Pieces:
Block Bomb explosions increase by 3, radius increases by 50%, requires an additional cube frag.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the Translation Backburner

This is mainly something for me to keep track of the things I need to translate....

Updated list of job classes and awakening.