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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chronicle 3 - Street Fighter Sets

Requested by Shuusuke

From Left to Right

Dirty Trick Set:
3 Piece:
Throw sand damage increases by 30%, blind level increases by 6

6 Piece:
Block Buster Stun level increased by 6, damage increases by 30%, cooldown decreases by 20%.
Ground Kick stun level increases by 6, Blind level increases by 6, 20% extra damage.

Provocation drops status status resistance by an additional 10.

9 piece:
Junk Spin's item tosses increase by 10, damage increases by 20%, cooltime increased by 50%, MP consumption increased by 50%, Requires an additional cube frag.

11 piece:
Heaven's net increases damage by an additional 20%, Hold time increases by 20%, Hold level increases by 6, Cooltime increases by 30%, MP consumption increases by 30%, requires an additional cube frag.

Street Underhanded Set:

3 Pieces:
Throw Sand cooltime drops by 30%

6 Pieces:
Heaven's Net increases damage by an additional 5%, Hold time decreases by 20%, Cooltime decreases by 25%.

9 Pieces:
Junk Spin items thrown drops by 15, cooltime drops by 65%, MP consumption drops by 65%, requires one less cube frag.

11 Pieces:
Crazy Vulcan hits increases by 10, damage decreases by 30%, requires an additional cube frag.

Intense Bomb Set:

3 Pieces:
Apply Poison duration drops by 50%, Damage increases by 100%

6 Pieces:
Explosive Hook blast radius increases by 100%, For each status effect applied damage is increased by 5%
Hidden Sting cooltime increases by 20%, damage increases by 40%

9 Pieces:
Venom Mine pillars drop by 3, Cooltime drops by 70%, MP consumption drops by 70%, requires one less cube frag.

11 Pieces:
Block Bomb explosions increase by 3, radius increases by 50%, requires an additional cube frag.

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