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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

(2/24) Update

  • Dungeon Fixes:
    • Black Earth
      • Changed the look of the gate image
      • Fixed an issue where Berias of Ruin's burning damage wasn't applied.
      • Shortened the special skill cool time of Skewer, Pincers, and Sawtooth (the monsters you transform into at Ozma's room and the monsters you fight in the first room).
      • If Conqueror Cassius attacks Ozma, he will deal a lot of damage
      • If Conqueror Cassius uses his sword drop move Ozma will be stuck in stun.
      • When Ozma activates the Team kill effect, the summoner's summons will not be affected.
      • Fixed an issue when players free themselves from the transformation in a 4 person party and a bit of lag occurs
    • Dimension Space
      • Fixed an issue where monsters wouldn't spawn in the 4th room.
      • Fixed an issue where on the phase where the boxes have to be destroyed in Gaunis's room, destroying all the boxes would kill all players and Gaunis would not move onto the next phase.
      • Fixed an issue where the "cracked dimension shoulders" wouldn't drop on master's road. (3rd chron shoulder equipment).
    • Bakal's Tower
      • Fixed it so that in the Fire Dragon Ashcore's room, the "character escape" commands aren't automatically pressed. (don't know what this means...)
      • Fixed an issue where the "cracked dimension shoulders" wouldn't drop on master's road. (3rd chron shoulder equipment).
    • Ancient Dungeons
      • Changed the chance for invitations to drop
  • Skill Changes
    • Gunners
      • Damage for the Male/Female Pamelo Booster will be increased
      • Fixed an (oddly specific) bug in which an enemy frozen by Pamelo Booster is unfrozen by a fire based attack but then does not become frozen by any of the subsequent hits from the Pamelo Booster.
    • Male Fighter
      • Fixed an issue where nen spear would freeze the Giant Nugol
      • Fixed it so that Needle throw's hit recovery isn't stacked.
      • Frenzied Bloody Whip (this is the best way that I see that could translate given 狂爆血絲 for the 70 Street Fighter EX)
        • Changed the graphics on the ground
        • Changed an issue where the effects on hit enemies looked like normal hits
  • Chronicle Item Changes
    1. Chronicle 2
      • Added the Male Striker and Male Grappler skills in the Chronicle sets
      • Icy Afterimage of the Spy - 3 Pieces: Adjusted the damage of Slicer and Diving arrow.
      • Unstoppable Storm
        • 6 Pieces: Adjusted the shockwave damage of Lightning Arrow
        • 9 Pieces: Fixed the damage of sonic assault on parts that weren't affected.
      • Returning Master
        • 3 Pieces: Adjusted Dark Soul and Curse Spear damage.
        • 6 Pieces: Adjusted Soul Lure damage.
      • Abelnoose Cobweb - 3 Pieces: Adjusted summon zombie damage
      • Thoughts of Revenge
        • 3 Pieces: Fixed parts of Dark Nail that weren't affected
        • 6 Pieces: Adjusted Damage of Ballacre's Ambition
        • 9 Pieces: Adjusted Guillotine's damage
    2. 3rd Chronicles
      • Changed the Crusader Cracked Dimension series bonus (Improved Stamina/Spirit, Dropped Strength)
      • Street Underhanded Set - 3 Pieces: Fixed an issue where Controlled Explosion's CD wasn't affected
  • Event Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where if you dropped the Ghandi quest, you couldn't pick up any other quests in that area.
    • Daphne's Valentine Chocolates now stack up to 2000.

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