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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chronicle 3 - Necromancer Sets

Requested by Sherlok

From Left to Right

Excavator of Darkness:

3 Pieces:
-Dark Soul damage is increased by 30%

6 Pieces:
-Ballacre's Ambition cooltime is reduced by 30%, Damage increases by 30%

9 Pieces:
-Ballacre damage increased by 50%, Rampant Slaughter (z key when ballacre is summoned) damage is increased by 50%.

11 Pieces:
-Guillotine damage increases by 80%, requires one extra cube fragment

Spider Prince Set:

3 Pieces:
-Dark Inspiration Wave (Nicholas Grab) cooltime decreased by 20%
-Summon Zombie cooltime decreased by 20%

6 Pieces:
-Dark Ramification Wave (EX Nicholas Grab)cooltime decreased by 30%, Damage increased by 30%

9 Pieces:
-Nicholas's damage is increased by 100%, Requires 1 extra cube to summon

11 Pieces:
-Black Web duration increased by 10 seconds, radius is increased by 30%, Darkness attack buff increased by an additional 10, requires 1 more cube fragment.

Deceased Soul Set:

3 Pieces:
-Dark Soul cooltime decreased by 20%
-Curse Spear cooltime decreased by 20%

6 Pieces:
-Dark Nail cooltime decreased by 30%, damage increased by 30%
-Resentment of the Dead cooltime reduced by 20%

9 Pieces:
-Soul lure hit interval decreases by 50%, duration increased by 20%, requires one more cube fragment

11 Pieces:
-Obssession of the dead (Lvl 60 ex) duration increased by 100%, hold duration decreased by 50%

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  1. http://gyazo.com/e3abdc84c114646f656f3c87020ccd3b.png


    I was wondering if the quest was still to do hameln hell mode, and what the hell does this epic do.