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Monday, May 16, 2011

DnF - Gunner Promotion (Incomplete, Halted indefinitely)

This was a video that I started when I first learned how to edit. I've been collecting fragments and clips over time I've been playing to make a video dedicated to one of my favorite characters in DnF but since I was banned, this project is gonna be on hold probably forever.

This is the incomplete work that I hope to finish one day. I want to swap out certain clips and add others in. The ones I wanted to add in however, required multiple players, and proper timing.

Alibaba and the multi-headshot is a avatar based clip I had devised based o the Arabian event set that came out a while ago. Because the gunner avatars were the 40 thieves, I decided to incorporate at least 4 gunners (2 male, 2 female) pulling off multi-headshot at the same time on one guy.

The disco rave clip was supposed to be the end of apocalypse and Scud genocide together resulting in the gunner spinning like a maniac while a "disco ball" fires lasers and provides a good effect in the background. I took this idea off of a animated gif from moeboard and wanted to definitely implement this somewhere. http://www.moeboard.co.kr/comm/bbs/board.php?bo_table=humor&wr_id=26308

Hopefully, I can get my account back someday and fix this up, but until then, here's the work I have so far.

From now on, this will probably be my last DnF video. I'll probably pick up the gamesite review blog zerreth.blogspot.com again.

Technically the video ends at 2:16 but I decided to leave some extra unused clips that didn't make the cut at the end.

Hexad by Electronic Boutique From DJ Max Portable Black Square

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