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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(9-30) Dungeon Update

In addition to the Beserker update, a big change occurred in the ancient dungeons.

#Tower of Limits
-Fixed a bug concerning the boss Agamemnon's telekinesis mini game.

#Fallen Thieves (Dog thief place)
-Fixed a bug with the sound when grabbing thieves that attempt to grab you.

#Ghost Train
*Phantasmal Captain Lavinator
-Removed the range of the attack he does before summons souls.
-Changed the AI pattern so that souls are summoned automatically

*Separated Lavinator soul
-Attack delay has lengthened

*Unstable Soul Fragment
-Self destruction delay has lengthened

*Zombie Vanguard
-Movement speed has decreased

*Chief Sas (Zerreth's note: Name pending until I can find a better submission for translation)
-Removed the AI patterns in which he moves up and down quickly
-Removed the AI pattern where he teleports right after summoning the wood doll.
-He has been given Super Armor
-His teleportation is faster
-Added an AI pattern where he attacks with his fists.
-If you're hit with his fists, there will be a blood mark on the ground.
-Chief Sas's AI pattern involving him summoning Hell Stones has been dramatically changed.
.Removed the AI pattern where, at a certain interval, the adventurer's HP is cut.
.Removed the AI pattern where, when a Hell Stone is created, the demonic cloud's speed increases .
.Changed it so that when Chief Sas is killed but not by a character's attack (aka burn, bleeding), all activity stops.
(Zerreth's note: There must have been some sort of bug where if he died by status effects, his birds and summoned souls would still attack instead of just die.)
.Added an AI pattern where if a certain number of blood stains are made, the map summons another wood doll.

*Sas Bird (Zerreth's note: name pending)
-Changed the Sas bird so that they can die by attacking it.
-A blood stain will appear on the ground if you're hit by the Sas bird.
- Sas birds will now fly higher.

*Wood Doll
-If the wood doll dies, souls will leak out.
-The leaked souls will increase the speed of the demonic cloud.
-If the souls reach the demonic cloud, there will be explosions.

*Boss: Big Ghost Flue (Zerreth's note: Name Pending)
-Increased the cool down when his evasion AI pattern kicks in.
-Added a background changing effect when Flue does his shock wave attack.
-The damage is decreased on the explosion attacks caused by the wands that Flue summons.

*Changed the room where the named wooden dolls appear
-Shortened the time when each of them awaken.
-Normal wooden dolls will not appear.
-Changed a mistake in the name of the clone that Zenong's clone makes.

#Noire Ferra
*Nigloomnex, Kandidoomnex (Zerreth's note: Names transliterated. I don't even have the faintest clue what Neople was going for..... They're the twin sorcerers that cast the different colored voids)
-Increased the amount of damage that these two will take before they teleport.
-Increased the cool time they can cast void.
-Slowed down their movement speed.

*Immortal Mummy
-Slowed down the speed of the lightning the mummy summons.
-Shortened the duration of the lightning the mummy summons.

*Dark Elf Militia Member
-Lengthened the cooldown of all attacks
-Reduced their HP
-Lengthened the delay and slowed down the movement speed of their dash attacks.

*Dark Elf Militia Officer
-Lengthened the cooldown of his summoning.

*Boss: Dirigie Phantom
-Reduced the probability that he will use the drill attack or dash backwards when it receives damage.
-Added a cooltime into the AI pattern where he will escape into the ground when a high damage dealing attack approaches.
-Reduced the amount the clones of the Dirigie Phantom restores his health.
-Removed the Dirigie Phantom clones' ability to use the vacuum attack.
-Changed the shockwaves that exploded infinitely when Dirigie is knocked down.

#Screaming Cave
-Reduced the damage of his upward wave slash
-Reduced the chances the Magic Seal would stun

*High Spectress Renee
-Recieves superarmor when she casts void.

*Grave Robber King
-Reduced the poison damage the poison gas deals.

*Bloodstorm Hadi
-Reduced the damage of the red fog.

*Boss: Giant Nugol
-He is now 1.5 times larger
-Reduced the amount of HP Nugol recovers when he eats Nugol larva.
-Giant Nugol does not grow when he eats Nugol larva.
-Giant Nugol will only eat one larva at a time.
-Removed the attack range of the spin attack.
-Added a shockwave right before the spin attack.
-Increased the evasion rate of all attacks (Zerreth's note: It doesn't specify whether the player's evasion is increased or nugols. This is where korean grammar fails....)
-Reduced the number of larva Nugol summons.
-Reduced the bleeding damage of the thorns from Nugol's spinning attack.
-Reduced his defense.
-Reduced his attack.

(Zerreth's note: If you notice point 5 concerning his range. I have no idea what that means. When he spins, he still throw thorns and they're 1.5 times larger as well. Perhaps the actual spin attack had some range on it.....
As a visual note. Now that he's 1.5 times larger, obviously his hit box is larger but so is his spinning attack. It also looks blurry cause all neople did was increase the size of the sprite instead of redrawing and retexturing Nugol.....lazy fucks.)

#Town of Pain, Recipon (Reciphon, Recifon)
*Diregie Fragment
-HP and defense have been sharply reduced.
-Reduced the drop in the character's stamina.
-Reduced the proximity poison damage.
-Increased the ease in which you can deal damage to it.

*Melt Knight
-Reduced the HP of the objects they turn into when you kill them.

-Reduced the HP of the objects they turn into when you kill them.

*Duke Eurice (Pronounced yu-ris)
-Increased the size of the room.
-The black hole summoned by Eurice will pull both characters and monsters.
-Modified the damage you receive when you hit him with the wrong attack and get a status effect.
-Lengthened the cast time Eurice turns into a different defense.
-Added defense to the mechanic's RX-78, EZ-8, and Mecha dropped robots' explosion damage.
-Fixed a bug where clients would crash when Eurice summoned the black hole.

*Boss: Black Plague Diregie
-Fixed a bug where Diregie would constantly summon Dirigie fragments.
-Changed the condition where Diregie would restore HP when attacked with the same element he has resistance against to taking less damage.
-When Dirigie activates his elemental defense mode, his defense increases sharply.
-Removed the effect where players would be stunned when he knocks down with his hand(........? Could someone explain his attack pattern prior to the patch if you can?)
-Lengthened the delay of all melee attacks.

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