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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(9-30) Patch Update - Berserker/Hellbenter Update

MASSIVE update this patch. The long awaited beserker patch is here, in addition the Dungeon changes patch notes will be in the next post.

Beserker/Hellbenter skill updates
"We have reformed the beserker to have the image of a stronger warrior.
In order to make him stronger, the HP costs will be more expensive.
However, the HP absorption rate will be that much higher."

Gore Cross
-HP consumption increased
-Offensive damage is greatly increased
-Delay is decreased
-Knock back is slightly dropped.

Gore Cross Strengthening (EX Passive)
-For each level, the bleeding caused by gore cross will increase by 1 second.
-For each level increased, gore cross will be much stronger.

Die Hard
-Hp recovery significantly increased
-Threshold increased from 15%-->25%
-Cooldown dropped from 30 seconds --> 20 seconds.

Derange Strengthening (EX Passive)
-For each level the duration increased is improved from 2 seconds -->3 seconds.

Mountainous Wheel
-The shockwave damage has greatly increased.

Mountainous Wheel Strengthening (EX Passive)
 -For each level, the bleeding caused by Mountainous Wheel will increase by 1 second.
-The radius of the shockwave will increase per level.

-The amount of HP that you lose over time has increased.
-Movement speed and attack speed sharply increases under frenzy.
-Receives the effects of Thirst

Blood Sword
-The amount of HP required to use Blood Sword is increased
-The area damage of each explosion will be increased.
-The amount of time in super armor is increased.
-Receives the effects of Thirst

Bloody Rave
-The delay before the actual skill has decreased
-Receives the effects of Thirst

Outrage Break
-The amount of HP required to use Outrage Break is increased.
-The launching strength has decreased
-The blood gushing has dropped from 7 hits --> 6 hits.
-Receives the effects of Thirst.

Raging Fury
-Receives the effects of Thirst.

Burst Fury (EX Active)
-Launching power is dropped.
-For each hit, the enemy's resistance to bleeding will drop.

Memories of Blood (EX Active)
-The level of bleeding has increased
-Enemies' resistance to bleeding will decrease as they are hit by skills that bleed.

Extreme Overkill
-The duration for Extreme Overkill has increased from 30 seconds --> 50 seconds.
-All the normal attacks under frenzy now have a 100% hit rate.
 The damage is very low but they will receive a long lasting special bleeding status effect.
-During the finish of Extreme Overkill, if the enemy already in the special bleeding status is hit by the finish, the number of hits will be added on as seconds in the duration of their status.

Beserker NEW SKILL "Thirst"
*Duration: 30 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds. Buff type.
On the bleeding enemies struck by the previous "blood" skills are enhanced by "Thirst."

*The effect is as follows:
-The amount of HP lost is a bit larger than normal once this buff is activated.
-The status duration of those affected by Frenzy's bleeding will be increased greatly
-The amount of HP you receive after killing someone under Frenzy will be increased sharply.
-Under the bleeding status, enemies will receive more damage from Raging Fury
-Under the bleeding status, enemies will receive more damage from Outrage Break
-Under the bleeding status, enemies will receive more damage from Blood Sword
-Enemies caught by Bloody Rave will have their HP absorbed
-When you press the Burst Fury skill key, the skill will erupt at the maximum allotted time.


  1. Diehard also got the threshold increased from 15%->25% (you likely translated the maintanence notes which were copies of the test server; for some reason this time they put the wrong version up then).

    Also, where's the rest, like the ancient dungeon changes :)?

    Thanks for translating this stuff!

  2. All right, I'll add those in. As for the dungeon updates. I meant to post them up yesterday, but got a bad cold. I've been in bed since now.