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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

(9-30 to 10-7) The Beserker's upgrade is here!


All hellbenters (berserkers over lvl 48) will receive a bell set of lethe to reset their skills. You have until October 22nd to use it.

Have a slayer or create a new slayer (doesn't have to turn beserker) and receive the following one time discounts!

At least level 10:
The necessities for a new character:
20 coins for 1500 cera
100 Remy's touch for 1100 cera.

At least level 15:
Items to help you level faster:
7 day monarch contract for 2300 cera
7 day expert's contract for 4200 cera

At least level 25:
3 day Lethe contract for 3000 cera.

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