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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dnf Promotion - "Passion"

A New Year's present from Neople showing an animated clip of future content featuring Bakal.

Translation Notes/Trivia:
-In the first scene Bakal and Hilder are introduced.

-A bit of leeway was given regarding translation as some phrases were lost in translation as well as attempting to preserve the characters' personality. For example, Albert's line could be translated to "Knowing to dodge is also useful" but it didn't seem condescending enough. The final line could also be translated to "I'm going!" or "I'm off!"

-The rogue's Silver Stream animation denotes that this animation may have started production before the visual update (about 3-4 months ago).

-The priest calls out "Hyun Mu" [玄武]. Known as the Black Tortoise, the guardian of the north, some of you may know of it as "Genbu" or "Xuanwu".

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