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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

(1/12) Update (6:00 - 10:00 KST)


1. System Network Maintenance

2. 2nd Group of Male fighter characters released. As well as some extra changes.

#Male Fighter additions/Fixes
*Normal attack
-The amount of distance you move forward with the normal attacks has been reduced
-The delay between the 1st and 2nd normal attacks has been reduced

*Dungeon Changes
-Lift kick: The amount of Super Armor frames has been increased
-Jump attack: The Attack range has been widened
-Sudden Explosion (still trying to figure out a name for this. M Brawler's grab): The range for the strike to the body has been widened. The Z axis range has been reduced.

*PvP Changes
-Lion's Roar: Cast speed has been increased from .3 seconds to .4 second and the attack damage has been decreased.
-Spiral nen: Reduced Damage and the automatic generation of spiral nen has been increased from 5 seconds --> 6.5 seconds
-Spiral Nen: Flow : Attack is increased
-Spiral nen : Out : Damage has been reduced
-Needle Throw: The number on hand, Multi Shot attack, and multi shot bleeding damage have all been reduced.

Stealable Skills:
Skills you can steal: Crushing Elbow, Lightning Knee grab, Throw Poison, Neck Snap

You can now filter by quests you want to see.
There will be a checkbox by quests you want to filter.

Other miscellaneous bugs and Fixes.

3. Cera Item Cancellation as well as other Cera Shop related patches applied.

"What is Cera Item cancellation?"
Anything bought with cera maybe refunded if bought within 7 day.

-Items bought from the cera shop with gold: this includes avatars bought with gold.
-Limited time offer items: Packages, Event items, etc.
-Items that are applied automatically: "Countdown coins," Safe upgrade kits, Skill decision contracts.
-Items you can only buy once per character's lifetime: Skill style additions, unlimited owls, etc
-Items you've sent or recieved to/from other characters.

In addition, the Cera Shop Inventory has been added

-This can be accessed via Seria's room or if you click the button from the inventory screen.

You can move items from the sera shop inventory into your own.

#Changes in Cera item acquisition
-Items bought from the Cera shop were sent to that characters inventory
-Items you receive from the Cera shop will now be sent to the Cera Shop Inventory
-Methods for gifting have not changed.
-Avatars or Package acquisition has changed.

*Consumables will still remain the same.
*All avatars and packages by default will be sent to the Cera Shop inventory.
*You choose the stats and other options available for avatars and packages once you decide to move the Item from the Cera Shop inventory into your own characters.

All timed items will be sent to the Cera Shop inventory.
The moment you transfer the item from the Cera Shop inventory to your own is when the timer will begin.

To refund a cera item, the item must be in the Cera Shop inventory. You must click on the item and then press "refund." Your cera will be returned at full value.

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