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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sorry about the delay

Currently I'm studying for midterms. I have parts of the dungeon awakening translated but I think I may have slacked off a bit too much, so now I gotta make up for it with a straight up study marathon. If I decide to take any breaks, it'll be for the patch notes so don't worry.

As of now I have all of storm pass done, but it seems they're gonna implement some major changes. There are changes for every dungeon after Storm Pass as well as additional EX passives and passive changes and a revamped Guild UI (User Interface).

Finally, I happen to be in a relationship at the moment which would decrease the amount of time I spend on this board. That said, I'll still try my best to keep the weekly schedule running and I'll try to get translations done on fridays or saturdays. I still haven't decided on that yet.

If you need an immediate translation though, email me at dnfweekly.at.gmail.dot.com. I always have my email open. I ask you use this sparingly and only for "urgent" requests (such as, "why can't i buy this thing from gabriel?")\

I have a midterm monday and a midterm wednesday, which means wednesday afternoon will be when I have a lot more time free.

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  1. Don't worry about it too much Zerreth, nearly everything is poorly translated at dfosource anyway.