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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

(11-18) Update

*Implenting the 2nd part of the latter half of the dungeon awakenings. (sorry, i'm still editting this)
*Added items to Sealed locks
-60/65 Support items, 65 Magic stones added.
-65 Unique weapons and accessories have been added (with the exception of the weapons sold by gabriel and Ancient dungeon drops)
-Reduced the chance for potions
-Increased the chance to get titles.


  1. I was wondering if you could translate exactly what basic attack power up did. There is now a ex passive for it and would like to know what it does before I decide to reset and spec myself around that.

  2. the passive increases your normal attacks by 10%. the basic attack passive refers to the bonus damage your normal combos (including your dash and jump attacks). i'd think that gunners and maybe priests would utilize that tp passive the most.

  3. Is it just your normal attacks (such as only your actual x hits) or your base damage, where percent based attacks would benefit from it?