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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome the arrival of Hills' boutique


Kysuke from The Golden Pig sent me this link.
This is an interview with "Hills," the designer of these avatars from other version of Dungeon and Fighter.

Arad Senki's Normal Avatars

Arad Senki's Special Package avatars

China's Special Avatar Packages

China's Rare Avatar set for Thieves. (Referred as Gen4 set) Recently added to Arad Senki (and I'm waiting for it to come to Korea)

As a main thief user, I REAAALLY want the new rare set for thief or the Japanese Shinsengumi set.

As a joke, see if you can spot the Reimu Touhou fans.

The third chinese special avatar for mages is also something I want. That fan opens when she casts.

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