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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dungeon Awakenings for the Later Half of 2010!


October 2010, Awakening part 1 (Part 2 is in november)

Daily Refilled coins are based on level
-Affects all Servers
-Refill 10 Coins from Levels 1-17
-Refill 7 Coins from 18-26
-Refill 3 Coins from 27 and up

Frustration mode only affects lvl 18s and up
-What's Frustration mode: Its the state you're in when you fail to clear a dungeon and you're under a status effect where you have less HP and stats and have to pay shusia gold or wait it out. (It's the OTL status)

Improvements to Difficult Quests

Charlie's necklace
Each letter of Charlie's necklace will now drop every run regardless of difficulty.

Style/Technique Quests removed
-Pungjin's "Like the Wind" and Kargon's "Method of Killing Monsters" quest lines have been removed.
-To Receive "Importance of Basics" you only need to complete GSD's "GSD's training" and Kiri's "Kiri's test" quest lines.
-Training quests that require style/technique over lvl 60 are removed.
-Quests that require style for job advancements are now switched to "Combo Ranking." (Striker Part 1, Ranger part 2, Battlemage part 1, Infighter Part 1)

When skills are cooling down, the entire icon will now also turn gray.

Improvements to Gabriel

Gabriel will now sell one time use Owls
-What are owls? Owls are items that summon your storage chest in dungeons.
-Gabriel will now sell single use owls though gold.

Added level 65 items to Gabriel's inventory
-Added lvl 60 Rare Shoes
-Added 65 rare top and bottoms.
-Added 65 Unique items.

Gabriel's prices drop
-Prices for lvl 60 uniques will be reduced

Dungeon Selection Method improvements

You can now select dungeons with the keyboard
-Use UP and DOWN to select a Dungeon
-Use Left and RIGHT to select difficulty
-F10 to enter practice mode
-F11 to force hell mode
-F12 to return to town
-Space Bar to start the dungeon


  1. Who/what is Gabriel? Being able to buy rares and uniques from such an NPC seems pretty awesome.

  2. Gabriel is an NPC that occasionally appears instead of Delilah. He sells 2 items that range from pots, cubes, crafting materials rares, and on the extremely rare occasion, uniques.