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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(9-16 to 9-30 )DnF's BIG harvest moon festival gift


Part 1
In the dungeons you will find a random package that you can break open.
Upon breaking there will be a chance to acquire
Mystery Coupons
Faint energy ( the same material required for Ghost hunter upgrade cubes)

Part 2
Give Loton 40 mystery coupons (these coupons will expire 10/1 at midnight) to recieve 2 Loton's Harvest moon festival gift boxes.

The gift boxes will give  some of the said items above.

Item effects:
Beef - 25% HP recovery, 60 seconds of 40+ to strength and Stamina
Honey - 30 seconds of 100% physical and magical critical hit boost.
Toothpaste - 30 seconds of all your elemental attack increased by 10
Soap - 30 Seconds of all speeds increased by 20%
Fish - 25% MP recovery, 60 seconds of 40+ to Intelligence and Spirit

Part 3
(All times are in Korean)
From 2-4 PM on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, there will be double experience.

From 2-4 PM on the 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th, there will be the golden cricket event

What is the golden cricket event?
In dungeons, there will occasionally be the golden cricket. Defeat it to get a chance to drop:

Worms - HP/MP 20% recovery, however it will stun you
Antennae - For 30 seconds jump power is increased by 100 and movement speed is increased by 20%
Gold Cricket costume - transform into the golden cricket in town

In addition, it can also drop the golden goblin drops
Golden Goblin drops:
Gold goblin's gold pot - chance to receive 100-10million gold
Gold goblin's rare pot - A rare or unique item, or challenges
Gold goblin's cera item pot - Receive a cera item.

A handful of gold pieces.

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