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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(9-16 to 9-30) Ghost Hunter Avatar package


The Ghost hunter package is
1. a 7 piece avatar set ( face, skin not included) that includes a high grade face avatar piece (so it's a 7 piece set with 1 piece extra).
2. Ghost hunter title
3. Ghost hunter title upgrade materials along with cera items. (details below)

The specialty of this set is that you are able to apply 20+ to a stat as an option or a skill from the normal avatars (such as the common skills).

The Ghost hunter title comes in two colors Red (Melee) and Blue (Magic)

HP Max and MP Max +200 (value, not scaled yet).
Strength +30, Stamina +20
Attack and movement speed +3%
Physical Critical Hit +3%
Evasion +2%
Accuracy +2%
5% chance on attack to activated 30 seconds of attack speed and movement speed boost of 7%.

HP Max, MP max +200 (value, not scaled yet)
Intelligence +30, Spirit +20
Cast Speed, Movement Speed +3%
Magical Critical +3%
Evasion +2%
Accuracy +2%
5% chance on attack to activated 30 seconds of cast speed and movement speed boost of 7%.

In addition, you get 5 ghost hunter cubes corresponding to the title you chose to modify the ghost hunter titles. To upgrade them you need "faint energy" ( a material found in dungeons). These upgrade cubes will add a stat boost to one of any of your 40 stats (meaning, it can even  upgrade hit recovery).

If you don't like what you get, you can  upgrade again.

The more packages you buy, the more cubes you will receive as listed in the chart in the link. You must press the green button to confirm the number of packages bought and then press the red button to receive your extra upgrade cubes.

 Finally, the bonus cera items you receive upon buying this package will be
Contract of the Kings (10 days)
Contract of the Expert (10 days)
5 Kaleido Boxes
20 Coins

The final price is 34,800 Cera.

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