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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

(1/27) Update

Male Striker Awakenings will be added
Cool times and delays for skills will be reduced. The transformation will deal additional damage as well as increase stun time on enemies.

Extends the duration of the Striker's awakening active and reduces MP consumed in the Martial Arts skill tree during the awakening active.

Male Grappler Awakening will be added
Physical attack using a vacuum

Increases damage of grabs on counter.

Male Fighter Skill Fixes:
*Adjusted required levels for cancel blow strike and cancel rolling spike.
*Changed how damage was applied to rolling spike's shockwave damage when enemies were taking damage while flying through the air.
*Fixed an issue where cyclone suplex icon appeared instead of rolling spike.
*Fixed a bug where Backbreaker's damage wasn't applied.
*Increased the stun time of enemies when hit by low kick.
*Increased the distance crushing elbow moves when it contacts an enemy.
*Fixed a bug where you turn invincible after you use lightning dance.

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