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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Male Fighter Update Events!!



From the maintenance on the 16th to midnight of the 19th.

Step 1: Make a Male Fighter
Step 2: Check your inventory
Step 3: You will have +12 Level 45 Rare knuckles and claws

Claw: +1 to Needle Spin
Knuckle: +1 to 45 Move (Still trying to translate the chinese characters)

On the 18th and 25th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM KST.

Right at 3:00 PM:
While in town press the event icon above your fatigue bar. Confirm your present in the inventory and get a chance to win:

100 MILLION GOLD as well as a weapon rare quality or above
Then, immediately after the present there will be a Golden Goblin 2x EXP EVENT . following from 3:00 to 5:00.

From the maintenance on the 16th to the maintenance on the 30th.

Step 1: Clear a dungeon of your level (These dungeons will be marked with the "EVENT" logo)
Step 2: Once you return to town press the event button above your fatigue.
Step 3: You will receive items based on the number of times you've cleared the dungeons.

Restoratives: HP/MP 25% recovery
Green Pepper: 60 seconds of reduced skill cool times by 10%
Red Pepper: 30 seconds of 40% Physical and Magical Critical Hit


  1. I was looking at the chronicle pieces and I am confused as to what this does for males.


    It doesn't add a hit and I could sort of see something about status effects, but I can't really tell. Help?

  2. That's odd because it says it adds one hit for crazy vulcan and increases overall damage for that skill by 3% (for females).
    For Males it increases the bonus damage and radius for attacking an enemy in an altered status by 1 level per chronicle.

  3. Pretty sure thats a damage decrease for the female. Males can't have multiple hits for their crazy vulcan because it's only one hit. So I was wondering what the hell it did. Increases bonus damage and radius sounds kinda crappy unless it stacks up extremely since you said it increases it by 1 level. Who knows, I'll have to see a fully geared up male do it.