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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

(12/23) Weekly Maintenance (6:00-10:00 KST)

Fighter (male/Female)
-Fixed a bug where nen shots didn't hit properly in PvP and Dungeons.

Male Fighter
-Fixed a bug where if multiple enemies are hit by the poison bottle the poison damage stacks(?). (I need to refer this to someone. The language used here is awkward)
-Fixed a bug where the throw rock skill began to slowly move faster per use (actually it doesn't mention who or what goes faster, just that IT goes faster.....)
-Increased the the attack area of the rising kick as well as changed the icon. (Guess someone complained that rising kick and hammer kick were the same icon +/- a couple action lines)
-Increased the stun time of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd normal attacks.

*Nen Spiral: Out
-Explanations regarding the attack area have been added
-The Y range in pvp has been reduced.
*Hammer Kick moves a bit further forward
*Fixed a bug where players became frozen during a Grab clash using Knee grab.
*Fixed a bug where players lost invincibility during Sudden Bomb. (still translating the chinese characters. gonna change the name once I can figure out the meaning).

Miscellaneous Fixes:
-Chronicle name adjustments
-Bug Fixes involving the "Titan" series.
-Fixed another bug concerning the Black Plague, Diregie's elemental protection modes.
-Changed the way a monster dies in Altar of Limits.

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