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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(10-21 to 10-31) Reva Creatures!! Huh? These things are actually being released?


Strength +20 and Int +20

Skill Buffs:
Gunner: Headshot / Steyr Anti Mech Rifle/ Ez-8 Countdown/ Flash Bang
Ghost Knight: Charge Crash / Ghost Step / Blood Lust / Ice Wave
Priest: Revenge of Light / Gorgeous Combination / Holy Amulet / Gale Smash
Mage: Void / Paint Target / Full Swing / Enhanced Magic Missle
Fighter: Nen Guard / Mountain Pusher / Block Buster / Fling
Rogue: Chain Saw / Blame of the Dead

!Increases all mentioned skills of that class by 1

Reva Creature Overskill:
Gunner: Awesome Wildshot
Ghost Knight: Mini Tombstone
Priest: Teeny Hammer of Devastation
Mage: Mini Gravity Machine
Fighter: Lightning Fish (Lightning dragon except it's a fish)
Thief: Soul Lure

Package A:
A pet of your choosing and a Creature Name Card.
It will appear in your inventory already hatched.

2000 Cera

One time buy only.

Backage B:
A random pet in egg form.
Creature Name Card
100 Pet Food
1 Reva Sticker

8000 cera

Infinite Quantities can be bought.

Reva Avatar
If you get 3 reva stickers from Package B you can redeem them for an avatar hat.

Type: Advanced emblem avatar
Slot: Hat
Stats: Strength/Intelligence +10

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